Sunday, December 13, 2009

NCR Web Solutions Website design gurgaon

Web Designing

NCR Web Solutions is a web design firm offering a variety of services from basic Website Design to complete web application & e-commerce website development. We have been successful designing & developing websites since our inception, for different types of businesses. Our team of web designers is creative & innovative with ability to turn your ideas into reality.

Website Maintenance

Companies, organizations and institutions are seeking ways to reduce costs, and add value to their marketing and communications strategies. We take care of the details so you and your staff can get back to doing what you do best–running your business. Our professional Website Maintenance service deliverers just that. Web Maintenance Services by third party can surly reduce your costs.

Website Hosting

The World Wide Web is a massive collection of web sites, all hosted on computers (called web servers) all over the world. The web server (computer) where your web site's html files, graphics, etc. reside is known as the web host. Web hosting clients simply upload their web sites to a shared (or dedicated) web server, which the ISP maintains to ensure a constant, fast connection to the Internet.

Domain Registration

Domain name registration is the process by which a company or individual can register a website name or URL, such as Domain registration is done for a specified period like 1 to 10 years and once you have completed domain registration the domain becomes yours for the period of the contract. Now once this time period is going to be over.

Website Promotion
Search engine promotion or optimization is a critical component of your site's success... A company will spend long hours and valuable resources developing a website to bring in vast amounts of new business from all over the world. Once the design is done and the new website published, the expectation is that new business will come from those millions of people browsing and searching the Internet each day.

Website Application Development

As the Internet grew to many folds and making a huge impact in developing and developed,, so did the number of investors who were interested in its web application development. So, you may think, how does the Internet continue to play a major role in communications, media and news? The answer is: Web Application Projects. Web applications are business strategies and policies implemented on the Web Business.

Ecommerce Solutions

All company whether a small trading company or a large business house, requires to be part of the increasingly important internet market for successful business future. With internet penetration increasing to many folds in developed and developing nation, Results in the increasing number of consumers turning to the internet to locate the products and services they desire.

Content Management System

NCR Web Solutions offers you CMS - Content management system to manage your website without any knowledge or experience of web designing. Our CMS is cost-effective and user-friendly solutions in web site content management that enables you to easily update website content without any programming training. We provide you with a simple browser based method to update your content as we separate your content from the layout, which makes YOU in charge of your own dynamic content for your web site.

Web Designing

NCR Web Solutions designs websites that are user friendly. It means websites designed by us are not only great looking; they are also easy to use and navigate.

While the Internet is much more than just the World Wide Web, this aspect of the Internet is where most Ecommerce takes place. Therefore, establishing an effective online presence in practical terms means building and maintaining a great website, i.e. one that encourages people to use it and works well with your existing business practices. One of the main advantages of web communications over printed media is that sites can be altered and updated as you go - this will give you the ability to alter offers or information daily, or even hourly, at minimal cost. This is the power of the Internet at work. NCR Web Solutions helps you in creating cost effective websites and also makes changing contents easier for its customers.

NCR Web Solutions can provide assistance in finalizing the text for the website. We can also provide the services of a qualified photographer for the images for the website. Both these services will attract a nominal cost which includes

  • Logo Design

  • Website Design

    • Simple Static Sites

    • Dynamic, Database Driven, E-Commerce Sites

    • Complete Flash Sites, 3D Animation

  • Template Design

  • Business Card and Brochures Design

  • Website redesign

  • Website maintenance